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The essence of the concierge job in BA4U is to ensure that guests have everything they need during their stay.
Those requests may include:
  • Book car service to pick up or drop from the airport or from the apartment.

  • Storing luggage until a guest checks in or out.

  • Arranging for an interpreter to assist a foreign guest.

  • Answer questions about foreign entry requirements.

  • Helping to find the nearest ATM or help convert currency information.

  • Offer directions to the nearest embassy.

  • Find the nearest doctor or hospital.

  • Find urgent care facilities in close proximity.

  • Offer advice on local restaurants and make reservations.

  • Helping to book tickets to local shows, Tango shows, reccomend City Tours, information about museums, bars or games in the city.

  • To utilize the Concierge, simply dial the number provided along with your reservation information.                                                                                                       - Our staff speaks English ,Spanish ,German and Portuguese -



If you don´t want to worry about how to get to the city and, most important, to the apartment where you´ll be staying, we offer to arrange you the transportation straight from the airport to the apartment, in comfortable and private cars.

You will meet the driver at the airport´s lobby carrying a board with your name in it. Then he will contact us in order to coordinate your Check In time at the apartment. One of us will welcome you at the apartment where you will receive information about Buenos Aires, the keys of the apartment, and where you will also balance the rent (including transportation and any other extra service you booked).


The International Airport (EZEIZA – Ministro Pistarini) is situated 22 miles (35km) to the southwest of Buenos Aires. Normally it takes 45 minutes to go from the airport to the city area.

Private Airport Transportation.


How can I check the apartments available?

You can request availability of any of the apartments available by filling the form that appears by clicking in the yellow box on the APARTMENTS link in our website or you can email ( us sharing your trip dates, number of guests, and any other specific detail you would like to add to narrow your apartment search.

The Secure Deposit is a specific amount you will need to give in cash on arrival day, for any damage or missing stuff in the apartment you are renting. It is refunded to you on departure day, in the same bills and currency delivered by you when you Check In.

What is the Secure Deposit?
How far is the International Airport of Buenos Aires?

The airport is situated 22 miles (35km) to the southwest of Buenos Aires. It´s 45 minutes by car or taxi.

Do you offer transportation from/to the airport?

At the moment we are working with PayPal ( for Reservation payments or, if you prefer, for payments of the total stay. You can pay online using your credit card with just the 7% recharge. Then, on arrival, we prefer to balance the rent in cash (either in US dollars, Argentine Pesos or Euros).

Have the apartments a check in or a check out time?

Yes. Check Ins time starts at 8am in any weekday, and Check Outs will take place before 12pm at noon. If you need to arrive earlier or leave later, we will give special consideration to your case according to the availability of the apartments and BA4U staff.

Is it possible to rent a mobile phone during my stay in Buenos Aires?

Yes. We offer mobile phone rentals according to the time of your stay, no matter if you are staying 3 days or 3 months. We have special prices for our guests and visitors according to their stay. Normally you only pay for the rental per day/week/month and then you charge the phone with the credit you want to spend. This way you won’t have surprises when you return the phone, or any extra charge/fee.

Which are the steps I need to follow to book an apartment?

At the moment we are working with PayPal ( for Reservation payments or, if you prefer, for payments of the total stay. You can pay online using your credit card with just the 7% recharge. Then, on arrival, we prefer to balance the rent in cash (either in US dollars, Argentine Pesos or Euros).

How do I Check In when I arrive to Buenos Aires, and what’s the procedure?

Your Check In will be coordinated in advance. We will provide different ways to contact us when you arrive to Buenos Aires (office address and number, mobile phones, etc). If you book the Round Trip service we offer, they will let us know when you arrive, in order to wait for you in the apartment. In all cases Check In takes place in the apartment rented. You will be welcomed by a representative from BA4U, who will give you the keys of the apartment, balance the rent and provide all the information you may need to have the best time in Buenos Aires.

Taxis: Are they safe?

In general terms, yes. It is recommended to take the ones that say “RADIO TAXI” plus the name of a company, such as BLUE or PREMIUM. This means that they belong to a private company so they are trustworthy. Avoid any offer from the people that approach you immediately when you step in the arrival lobby of the airport.

The published rates include all the apartment services and expenses (water, light, cable tv, etc), maid service once a week (if you are staying more than 7 nights) and phone for local calls.

What charges are included on the published rates?
Is it possible to coordinate and book side-trips once I’m in Buenos Aires?

Yes, we work together with a travel agent specialized in side-trips to any destination in Argentina. The most requested places are Iguazu Falls, Salta, Colonia (Uruguay), Mendoza (the wineries), Bariloche, Calafate (the glaciers) and Ushuaia. Since Argentina is a wide and large country, it is recommended to spend at least 2 or 3 days in some of these trips, and 4 or 5 days in the trips to the southern areas.


What is the Reservation Form?

The Reservation Form is a file sent to you when you decide to book an apartment. It is for you to complete with your personal information and flight details and it will help us to better coordinate your arrival to Buenos Aires and the Check In at the apartment. This form also includes the details regarding rental price and payment.

Yes, during the Check In you will be asked to sign the temporary contract in which both parties agree in the lease of the apartment for the specified time and amount accorded in the Reservation Form. Attached will be the Inventory of all the goods and furniture in the apartment that should be in the same number and conditions when you leave the apartment.
If you arrive on your own, we recommend you to call from the airport in order to agree the meeting time at the apartment for the Check In.

Do I have to sign any paper?

The Check Out will be coordinated in advance as well. Normally a representative from BA4U will meet you in the apartment half an hour before your specified departure time in order to give you back the secure deposit and collect the keys of the apartment.

How do I Check Out before leaving Buenos Aires?
Is it possible to make international calls from the apartment?

It is possible only if you buy a calling card (in any newspaper stand, kiosk or locutorio/cyber café). The apartment is equipped with a phone line only for local calls. If you want to call abroad or to mobile numbers you will have to use these cards. No further charge will be make then by using the phone line.

Maid service will take care of changing linen and towels once a week (if you are staying more than 7 nights) and cleaning the apartment as well. It is not included the washing of your personal clothes and stuff. If you want this service, please let us know in advance so we can coordinate it along with giving you the rates for this special service.

What is included in the “maid service”?
Is it safe to walk by the city at night?

Yes. Most of our apartments are located in Recoleta, Barrio Norte and Palermo area. These neighborhoods are safe and you will see people from all ages walking at night at any time, especially down Santa Fe Ave., Callao Ave, 9 de Julio Ave. and Las Heras Ave.
Some areas are not recommended for night strolls, like San Telmo or Palermo Viejo (Soho – Hollywood). Rather than being unsafe, these areas have narrow and rather dark streets, so it´s better to walk around these interesting and captivating areas during the day.





The Argentine currency is the peso.


For information about the current exchange rate, this website is very helpful:


InformationInformation Center of the National Tourism Secretariat:

0-800-555-0016 (toll free nationwide 12 hours a day from 8 to 20 hs.).


Information Office of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires:

4311-0528 / 4313-0187 (Monday to Saturday from 7.30 to 13 hs.)


Spanish is the official language. However, if you speak English or Portuguese, you won’t have any problems in getting around.


Regular banking hours are from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 3pm.


Stores are open from Monday to Friday from 9am – 10am to 8pm. However you will find open stores on main avenues on Saturday afternoon and even on Sundays.


Shopping centers are open every day from 10am to 10pm.


Automatic tellers (ATM):
Automatic tellers are numerous around the city. Most of them are in the principal commercial banks of Buenos Aires and are available 24 hs.
You can withdraw money in cash from the cashiers only in Argentinean pesos, but please not there is a limit allowed per day of around 300 – 500 pesos depending on your banking system.


Buenos Aires is, generally speaking, a safe City, however, it still is a big and busy city. If you bear in mind the following recommendations, you will enjoy your stay without major problems:
. Keep your passport, air tickets and cash in your apartment.
. Taxis are safe but avoid paying with large notes like 50 or 100 pesos, especially at night since probably you are not very familiar with notes to identify fake money.
. If you travel by metro or bus, watch your belongings, especially wallets, cameras and cell phones. Unfortunately there are pickpocketers around.
. Do not walk on lonely streets or parks at night.


Police: 911

Tourist Police Station: 0800-999-5000 o 4346-5748


The bus (collective) is a fast and inexpensive means of transport to travel over the Capital. There are more than 180 lines going through the city and providing connection with all districts in the Greater Buenos Aires.
The service is available at regular intervals. Sometimes, streets may be blocked in the downtown area due to traffic jams.
Hours: Bus service is available all day long but its frequency decreases after 12 am.
Fare: AR $ 5 or AR $ 5.40 with coins, with SUBE CARD $2.50 – $2,70


This is the fastest and easiest way to reach your destination. The five subway lines (commonly known as “subtest”) are connected with the main avenues and railway and bus stations, and converge upon downtown, the main tourist and hotel area.
Maps showing the subway lines in different colors may be obtained at the ticket offices located in every station. Information boards showing each line routes and transfer stations between lines are available in all stations. These connections that allow passengers to use more than one line are called “combination”.
The service runs Mondays through Saturdays, from 5 am to 10 pm, and Sundays and holidays from 8 am to 10 pm.
Fare: AR $ 0.70


They can be requested by phone or you may call them on the street. Radio taxis (provided with radio systems) are considered safer. There are a great number of taxis in the city – getting a taxi near the tourist areas is easy at any time of day or night. Usually, you will wait for no longer than a few minutes.
Taxis can be easily recognized by their colors – black and yellow. In addition, a red light on the taximeter indicates that they are available.


Useful Phones
– Ezeiza Airport and Aeroparque Airport: 5480-6111/ 5480-2500
– Bus Station of Retiro: 4310-0700/0707


The weather in Buenos Aires -oceanic temperate- is benign all year long. The annual average temperature of 18°C (64°F) makes the intense hot and cold days very scarce, allowing you to take a walk through the city on all seasons. On winter, July is the coldest month, with average temperatures between 3°C and 8°C (37°F and 46°F), but there are no frosts. It is necessary to go out with a wool sweater, a coat and a scarf.
During the summer, the heat is humid and the average temperature is of 28°C (82°F). At night, the temperature slightly drops, so there is no need for coats, just light clothes.

Summer: December 21st – March 21st
Fall: March 21st – June 21st
Winter: June 21st – September 21st

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